“Essential Oils for Overall Health”

Presented by Tiffany Ketchum

Massage Therapist

Natural Medicine

Learn how essential oils and massage are beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. Tiffany will begin by giving a brief introduction about essential oils including its history, process of making, and the importance of their medicinal properties. This introduction will be followed by a information about  massage, its history, the importance of regular massage for your health. In conclusion, Tiffany will help the listener understand the correlation between essential oils and massage and how they are able produce a youthful and vibrant life.  

Come to Guiding Wellness on Friday, October 14th at 5:00pm to hear Tiffany give her “12 minute mic” talk on essential oils and massage.

As a holistic hub for community wellness, Guiding Wellness Institute is now an official gathering spot for Sustainable Neighbors, one of Fayetteville’s top organizations dedicated to local food and sustainability education! GWI and Sustainable Neighbors have collaborated to offer a monthly social and educational event every 2nd Friday on our gorgeous patio and garden space.

The purpose of these gatherings is to bring people together to exchange ideas and build upon the communities we love. This diverse crowd of all ages and every walk of life cares about living a more sustainable, holistic lifestyle and gathers monthly to connect, learn, mingle, and network. All are welcome!  

Every monthly social is built around the “12 Minute Mic” initiative–our version of abbreviated TEDx Talks by guest speakers meant to inspire and educate! A wide range of thought-provoking sustainable lifestyle topics will be explored. The evening also includes group discussions, food demos, networking, and even game options for family play. 

Let us know you’re coming by registering through our calendar at http://guidingwellness.com/services/shop-2/