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Floatation Therapy

Guiding Wellness Institute, located at 143 Skateway Drive, opened the very first Floatation Therapy Suite in Fayetteville on November 13, 2017! After more than a year of planning, a ton of research, a few challenges and navigating guideline creation with our NC health department, Kelsy Timas, CEO and her team are thrilled to offer this cutting edge service to the greater Fayetteville area. With a specific service to our military, first responders and health care providers, the reception of this modality is getting rave reviews!

“Many of our clients are sharing a very similar relaxing and therapeutic experience with “there are simply no words” for how amazing this is,” Kelsy explains, with 1000 pounds of salt in 200 gallons of water you are floating at zero gravity which is much like being in outer space or back in the womb. The water and air settings inside the private floating suite are set at body temperature or warmer so there is a sense of being held in absolute peace.”

What sets us apart? We custom designed our suite to meet our clients needs and it comes with all the bells and whistles! This is the only suite in NC and we pride ourselves in being a leader in comprehensive holistic health, exceptional quality service and our honest community approach. Guiding Wellness is one of the longest serving wellness companies in Fayetteville and we are grateful to have inspired the development and growth of health and wellness offerings available to our community.

For more information, please contact Guiding Wellness Directly at (910) 864-6257 or simply stop by!