Advanced Aesthetics Certification Training

Exciting CEU Opportunity for Professional Aestheticians and Cosmetologists

Join Kelsy Timas of the Guiding Wellness Institute as she delivers specialized training on The Native American Natural Clay Exfoliation Technique. This natural Native American exfoliation method uses clay, which is free of sulfur and water to create a cream. Using only the fingertips the clay is applied to the skin using a featherlike touch and can be applied up to 5-6 times on the client at one setting. As the clay begins to penetrate the skin, the dead cells are loosened and roll off the skin. There are no machines, chemicals, or peels used during this procedure. The entire treatment takes one hour and 15 minutes and when the client is done they leave with new baby skin cells forming.

This treatment is especially helpful for those with acne, rosacea, or receiving treatment for cancer. It can also be used by people on Retin-A, Renova , or Accutane with no adverse effects. The skin will be left glowing – no redness or downtime ever.

No more using aggressive peels and treatments which are harsh to the skin. The natural clay used for the Natural Exfoliation treatment has no additives and is simply clay, which contains no sulfur, it only has natural minerals.

One of the greatest advantages of the Native American Exfoliation is that the client’s neck; décolleté, lips and the eyes and surrounding area can also be treated.

Holistic Skincare – Part One

Sunday,  August 19, 2018 • 8:30am-6:00pm

Course Overview- 8 hours/ CEU

$195.00 Early Bird Pricing (before March 1st)

$275.00 Regular Pricing 

(Open to all NC licensed estheticians)

Examine the full spectrum of wellness within the current healthcare landscape and explore the  fundamental need for self care and a work/life balance that supports a healthy career in professional aesthetics. Learn about the benefits of building a holistic practice, the effective use and quality of essential oils and the role a healthy gut plays in glowing skin. Gain a new and fresh perspective on your current or new skin care practice that will inspire growth and enhance passion, longevity and wellbeing as a provider.


  • Welcome
  • What is Wellness?
  • The Art of Self Care
  • Aesthetics Within Today’s Healthcare Landscape
  • The Holistic Aesthetician
  • The Power of Essential Oils
  • Healthy Gut – Healthy Glow
  • Q&A
Kelsy Timas

Kelsy Timas


Kelsy Timas began a full time career in aesthetics in 2002 with the opening of her first private practice, Completely Skin, in Roseville, CA. After five years in Quality Management/ Nursing, Kelsy longed to work more holistically with patients, supporting higher levels of wellness and prevention while working closely with her clients to achieve personal progress toward health and lifestyle goals.

A graduate of the most prestigious Professional Aesthetics program in Sacramento,CA Kelsy went on to train with the International Dermal Institute and received her Advanced Aesthetics Certification from Dermalogica and Tigers Eye Skincare. In 2003 Kelsy became a National Educator and sold her practice in CA to join her husband in North Carolina where he was stationed and serving in the 82nd Airborne Division with the US Army.

In February of 2004, she opened her second private practice,Guiding Wellness, in Fayetteville, expanded to a larger office in 2009 and opened her second location and training facility, Guiding Wellness Institute in 2016. With over 20 years of experience and an International client base, Kelsy continues to serve her industry, students and clients with a great love and passion for the power of the healing arts.

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner and experienced Aesthetics and BodyWays Educator, Kelsy brings a unique and sustainable approach that will refresh your personal wellness, revive your current business and expand your practitioner experience. Kelsy is a Licensed Aesthetician and Educator in North Carolina and California and a proud member of the International Aesthetics Association (AIA), The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA), and the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Holistic Skincare – Part Two

 Saturday, August 25, 2018 • 9:00am-6:00pm

Sunday,  August 26, 2018 • 9:00am-6:00pm

$1,000.00 Early Bird Pricing (before March 1st)

$1800.00 Regular Pricing

Course Overview- 18 hours/ CEU

(Participants who complete Part One and Part Two will receive an Advanced Aesthetics Certificate of Completion, 26 hours of CEU’s and become a Nationally Registered Provider of the Native American Natural Clay Exfoliation and Tiger’s Eye Skincare Representative.)

Advance your career and discover the renowned Natural Clay Exfoliation used by exclusive and sought after professionals in the industry. Incorporate this holistic and highly effective treatment into your current skincare practice. Learn this organic hands on application, Skin Mapping, advanced assessment and full spectrum therapeutic care offered by this technique that supports all skin types. Recommended for all skin types and achieving amazing results with aging skin, skin disorders and those undergoing treatment for cancer or chronic illnesses. Explore the elements that create a more holistic experience and provide higher quality of care for the client, elevating business practices and re-booking rates while providing and lucrative and fulfilling career.

Course Outline

  • Welcome
  • Creating a Holistic Experience
  • Advanced consultation; The Power of Wellness Coaching
  • New Technique: Native American Natural Clay Exfoliation
  • Cleansing 101
  • Cellular Renewal; Peeling, Exfoliation and Rejuvenation
  • Lips, Eyes and Other Extras
  • Hands On: Advanced Massage Techniques
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Demonstration
  • Practicum: Each participant will perform four complete applications on live models.


*Payment Plans Available (Please contact our admissions office for details)

*Participants will receive an Advanced Aesthetics Certificate, wholesale pricing and retail sales rights for Tiger’s Eye Skincare products, and Kadeem products.

*Gift certificate for a private Holistic Life Coaching session with Kelsy Timas.

(Graduates must complete 8 CEU hours per year in order to maintain GWI Advanced Aesthetics certification level.)