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Cancellation Policy

Guiding Wellness and Guiding Wellness Institute Cancellation Policy

Registration is not final until full payment is received. In case of cancellation, a full refund minus a $275.00 cancellation fee will be processed within 30 days as long as the written request is received within 30 days of the scheduled event. All cancellations submitted outside of the 30 day prior to event time frame will not be eligible for a refund.

Please email in writing for cancellation notifications.

Return Policy

Guiding Wellness and Guiding Wellness Institute Returns and Refunds Policy

Thank you for shopping at Guiding Wellness. We understand that things might not always work out as we hope , so if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help! Returns are only authorized for tangible items.

Workshops and Seminars:

Workshops, seminars and intellectual property are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. Full-priced items can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on sale items.  If you have received a damaged item, please contact our offices immediately for assistance.

Downloads and Digital Products:

We do not issue refunds for digital products. Once an order is confirmed and the product is sent, you will not be eligible for a refund. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our digital products.

Subscriptions and Publications:

All subscriptions and publication purchases may not be returned or refunded. Publication subscriptions may be cancelled at any time by submitting a written request to


Refunds on Guiding Wellness Institute memberships will not be available. You may cancel or suspend your membership at anytime by contacting one of our offices.

Returns may be sent in its original packaging to:

Guiding Wellness Institute ATTN: Product Returns 143 Skateway Dr. Fayetteville, NC 28304

Before shipping, please be sure of the following:

  • The product was purchased in the last 30 days
  • The product is in its original packaging
  • If there was damage to the product, please make sure it is noted on your return slip

Shipping and Handling:

The buyer takes full responsibility for all return shipping costs. Shipping charges incurred in returning a damaged item will be refundable upon receipt of the product.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by phone at 1-910-864-6257 or email us at


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Our Commitment: Guiding Wellness is a for benefit company built on and centered in the principles of sacred commerce, the natural law of abundance and the soul of money, contribution and service. We lead by example these principles and believe that lack of anything is an opportunity to discover and recover balance. Our mission is a strong commitment to the discovery, recovery and maintenance of life in balance and to guide our students, clients, and community into their highest potential: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We provide a safe and intimate environment for people to discover their physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and guide them through the recovery, achievement and maintenance of their highest potential; using natural, preventative and complementary methods that honor the whole person.

Holism is the foundation of everything we do.

Ethical Conduct: The Yamas and Niyamas are the central reference for guiding and discerning ethical conduct however the following points are articulated to emphasize their importance and which relate to Guiding Wellness Institute’s policies and procedures.

Learning Environment: The Program Director is overall responsible to provide a safe learning environment. Students will present themselves available to explore, learn and share in a safe and supportive environment for everyone. We obtain written consent of students for all photo, audio and/or video tape recording or permitting third party observation.

Professional Boundaries: Each Guiding Wellness Director, Teacher, and/or Facilitator are required to establish and maintain appropriate professional relationship boundaries.

Student/ Teacher Relationship: The student teacher relationship is one of privilege and respect and should be held in a mutually beneficial way. It is most effective when held with healthy boundaries, clear communication and equanimity. In order to serve the objective of learning and growing, teachers will refrain from duality of relationship socially and hold space for the student to apply methods learned and grow freely in directions that serve the student’s highest potential.

Sexual Behavior and Harassment: All teachers and staff will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

All forms of harassment and/or sexual behavior between students or teachers are held as unethical even when a student or teacher invites or consents to such behavior involvement. Sexual behavior is defined as, but not limited to all forms of overt and covert seductive speech, gestures, and behaviors as well as physical contact of a sexual nature; harassment is defined as, but not limited to, repeated comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual nature.

Student Records and Information: All written and verbally communicated information about each student (Personal Health Information) will be kept completely confidential according to HIPAA regulations.

We do not disclose student confidences to anyone, except: as mandated by law; to prevent a clear and immediate danger to someone; in the course of a civil, criminal, or disciplinary action arising from the instruction where the teacher is a defendant; for purpose of supervision of consultation; or by previously obtained written permission. In case involving more than one person (as student), written permission must be obtained from all legally accountable persons who have been present during the program before any disclosure can be made.

Support of Ethical Behavior: We do not harass or dismiss any Director or teacher who has acted in a reasonable, responsible, and ethical manner to advocate, protect or intervene on behalf of a student or other member of the public or another contractor.

Student Agreements

Personal Responsibility: Students will manage their personal lives in a healthy fashion, taking responsibility for the energy they bring into the group space. Students will adhere to self care when necessary and will seek appropriate support when necessary.  

Instructors will seek appropriate assistance for their own personal problems or conflicts rather than seeking to solve issues in a teaching context.

Standard of Dress: We request that students dress comfortably, modestly and appropriately while attending classes.

Personal Hygiene: We request that students maintain acceptable personal hygiene standards while attending classes. Please have a clean change of clothing available.

Punctuality: We request that students remain conscious and conscientious of time. We will respectively begin and end on time in order to fulfill the program requirements. We ask that all students be mindful of the disruption that being late or staying over creates for the whole and in respect to Asteya, may we refrain from being thieves of time, space or energy.

Communicable Disease: Students who are knowingly or possibly infected with a communicable should contact the Program Director and discuss the situation prior to signing this contract. All information will be kept confidential. All students need to take appropriate precautions in working with anyone where their disease status is unknown and to be mindful of their personal responsibility in ensuring the program environment is safe.

Effective Communication: Students will: refrain from using hostile and inappropriate language and content; be straightforward in communications Do not assume that other students are just like her or him; and be respectful. Practice gratitude, kindness and clear communication. Listen intently with the desire to understand and speak to be understood, confirming that you have been heard.

Cell Phones and Electronics: In order to create a therapeutic environment, Students will keep all cell phones and other mobile devices silent. Devices will be allowed for purposes related to the training during class times however may be restricted if they become distracting or disruptive.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Students will respect the privacy of teachers and other students and will not disclose any personal information without the permission of the person(s) referenced. Students will also respect personal privacy and not disclose personal information that is likely to be harmful in any way directly or indirectly.

Honesty: A student should be truthful and represent him/herself honestly – whether orally or in written statements.

Respect for the Open Exchange of Ideas

It is the responsibility of all persons present to maintain the safe and sacred space created for the purpose of learning and experience. Students are encouraged to engage others in thoughtful and meaningful dialogue while refraining from acting or using language with harmful intent. In the teaching setting, students will refrain from interrupting their fellow students or teacher, dishonoring them or their expressed views, or disrupting the learning environment in other ways.

Respect: Students will demonstrate respect and humility in their communication with all teachers. Unless there is a clear and mutually agreed upon understanding, students should follow the teacher’s instructions.

Resolving Problems: Students with concerns or issues with other students are encouraged to follow Yama and Niyama to work through the situation with only the people concerned. If there is no resolution, please take the issue to the teacher. If there is an issue with a teacher, try to resolve the situation with the teacher directly, and if no progress is made, approach the Program Director.

Property Damage: Students shall be responsible for the costs or replacement of the damages or loss to any Guiding Wellness Institute property or leased facilities resultant from their behavior.

Engagement with Public: All student engagement with the public must be mindful, ethical and professional.

Guiding Wellness Use and Copyrights

All information gathered and acquired by students will remain factual and transparent; reflected with clear and truthful intent and in harmony with the values, ethics and mission of Guiding Wellness. All intellectual, written and digital property of Guiding Wellness is under legal copyright and may not be copied, dispersed or used in any way without prior and written consent of Guiding Wellness.

Hospitality and Travel Information


We practice and encourage clean eating in our learning environment and encourage all of our students to begin preparing for programs by gently reducing the consumption of sugar, alcohol and processed and fast food. We provide a refrigerator, microwave and utensils for you so feel free to food prep and bring your meals.

One training days we will provide water, tea and light healthy refreshments for snacking on breaks however meals are not included in the tuition, unless otherwise stated. Please plan accordingly.

Our training locations are close to a grocery store and numerous restaurants, however we encourage you to bring your own lunch in order to ensure you have the proper nutrition for you. Please contact our office with all dietary questions or concerns at or 1-910-864-6257.


If you are coming from out of town, there are numerous hotels and bed and breakfasts close by. If you need lodging while you are here, please contact us so we can set you up with our lodging affiliates to assure you are cozy and nourished for your training!

Policies and Procedures

Registration All guests must be registered, you may register online or in person. If you have registered online, please sign in at the front desk before entering the facility. We appreciate full payment prior to any class or program; if you are unable to pay in full, please ask about our different payment options.

Participation There are certain designations for members only including, but not limited: to Tapas Time, workshops, events and programs. Please be mindful of these times and the capacity in which you have registered to participate with us.

Preparation Please remember to honor yourself, eat light, wear comfortable clothes and always bring your whole self. Do your homework before class, all course descriptions can be viewed on our website and we encourage you to be mindful of what to expect in class.

Arrival and Departure Please try to arrive 10 minutes early to all workshops, classes and programs as we begin every class with connection to the breath. Please remove your shoes. Latecomers will be welcomed to class by the instructor when they begin to cue movement. The hardest, easiest and most important pose is Savasana. Please respect yourself, your classmates and your instructor by remaining on your mat through Savasana.

Facility and Equipment Please bring your own mats and towels. Guiding Wellness Institute will provide mats, props and hand towels, but we recommend you to use your own. Be mindful of your surroundings and try to leave your space as clean as it was prior to your arrival. If you borrowed props or equipment, please sanitize if necessary and return to its proper area.

Yoga Etiquette We encourage you to practice barefoot. No shoes are allowed in the yoga space, please leave them in the spaces provided for your belongings. We never come to the mat with the same mind or body, so please honor your body and trust what it is telling you. If a pose is too difficult or does not serve you in that moment, feel free to always find Balasana or Child’s Pose and reconnect with your breath.

Technology Please refrain from using cell phones and electronic devices within the teaching and meditation environments. No cell phones are allowed in the yoga space and must be turned on silent at all times within the facility.

Pure Environment We are a non-smoking and drug free campus. We uphold a non-harming environment and weapons of any kind are not allowed on the campus. No exceptions.

Food and Drink No food or drink other than water is permitted within the yoga space unless otherwise directed by your Instructor. Please maintain a clean personal space and properly store and discard your food items in the designated areas.

Recycle We encourage environmental sustainability and ask that you would properly discard recycle material in the designated receptacles.

Class Cancellations and Weather Certain unforeseen circumstances may require us to cancel a class or program due to inclement weather or other events outside of our control. In the event of such circumstances, Guiding Wellness Institute will update the website, social media sites, and notify all students who have registered online for that particular class. If you have any concerns please call our office 910-864-6257.

Rules and Regulations

Awareness of Time

Please arrive early for class so that we can start on time. This also applies to class breaks and lunch breaks. Arriving late can significantly disrupt the group process. There is much to be learned and we need every minute!

Please dress appropriately

Wear clothing that moves easily, bring layers, be comfortable. It is recommended to have a change of clothing available for your hygiene and comfort.

Please Eat Light

It is difficult to concentrate with a heavy meal in your belly (let alone move into a challenging yoga pose!) Please plan your meals with the understanding that movement activities are an important part of this training. Feel free to bring snacks.

Please Bring Your Own Yoga Mat

Bring your mat and towels to class with you everyday of training. Yoga mats will be available for purchase if needed.

Honor Yourself

Practice and honor self awareness and self care. If there is something you need to bring or prepare in order to remain safe, present and well, please be responsible for doing so.

Silence your Electronic Devices

Be conscious and respectful of the group experience and keep all phones and tablets on silent and outside of the practice floor. (Vibrate is not silent:))

Food and Drink

All food and drink, other than water, should be kept out of the yoga practice space unless otherwise instructed.