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Check out Voyage Raleigh’s article featuring our CEO and Founder, Kelsy Timas, and her journey in life and business to founding Guiding Wellness Institute in Fayetteville, NC.

Learn about her journey to being a holistic health provider and entrepreneur, by way of emergency medicine!

From LPN, to massage therapist, yoga instructor, YACEP, Holistic Health Coach, and entrepreneur, Kelsy Timas tells the story of her inspiration to bringing holistic wellness to the Fayetteville community, over the past twenty years.

Did you know that our Founder & CEO, Kelsy, got her start in emergency medicine, before diving into Holistic Wellness?

Here’s a preview of the interview that originally appeared in Voyage Raleigh:

“After 2 years of working in Quality Management for 2 IPA’s and 2 years on the night shift in ICU as an LPN, I had an Epiphany about a gap in the health care continuum affecting access and sustainability for patients and providers alike…’
‘I began to wonder ‘Who cares for the caregiver?’ Where are we serving those who serve?’
‘I dove into Eastern and Ayurvedic mind-body medicine studies, became licensed in yoga/meditation, massage, Holistic nutrition & Coaching…’
‘I started my first private practice in California in 2000 and after marrying an active-duty soldier after 9/11; I relocated to Fayetteville NC, and continued to grow my business and my studies…’
Want to learn more about Kelsy’s journey to founding Guiding Wellness Institute and serving those who serve through comprehensive holistic health services, along with founding the largest therapeutic yoga teacher training program in the U.S.?

Click HERE to read the full article!