What is Energy Medicine?

Using Energy to Help your Body Heal

Quantum Physics suggests all matter contains potential energy which is released in small quantities as electrons spin off. Our bio field governs the physical matter of our body.

Disease is scrambled or incoherent information in our field. Healing occurs by altering the distortion of information and applying coherent, harmonic resonances that naturally occur in a healthy body.

Correcting the incoherence of information is the key to healing disease.Being able to detect disease in its formative or early stages is life sustaining and empowering, but it does require introspection. Introspection can be painful, uncomfortable at times.

It takes effort to soul search, however, it takes much more to battle or live with chronic disease. By living a superficial life we risk our health.


The study or theory of the origin or cause of any disease or abnormal condition.

Energy Medicine Practitioners (EMP)

Understand that every organ in the body has its own energy field and that the body can be affected by emotions, mental thought and intentions, as well as extraneous electromagnetic fields it comes in contact with.

When EM Practitioners place their hands on a client, the healing frequencies are not only sent to the physical body, but to each higher energetic body. Therapeutic frequencies emitted from the practitioner promote healing not only at the physical level, but also in the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels simultaneously.

Research has shown that the hands of a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner not only stops the growth of cancer cells but stimulates the growth of new healthy cells.


A language expressed through our body, our mind and our emotions. It is also a language of the soul. Contrary to popular belief, disease does not sneak up on us. There are many signs and signals that disease is imminent, long before we feel symptoms and are diagnosed.

By the time disease has appeared in our physical body as an adult it has been causing problems spiritually, mentally and emotionally for years. Dysfunction in the astral body caused by emotional imbalances can impair the flow of energy through the chakras, eventually resulting in glandular problems and physical illness.

The basis of all non-genetic based disease is chronic inflammation. Macrophages can either stimulate inflammation or suppress it by releasing chemical signals that alter the behavior of other cells. They phagocytize or ingest the offending pathogen and clean up debris creating an environment for new cells to regenerate into healthy tissue.

While energy therapies can be beneficial in maintaining healthy cell communication, only we are responsible for creating the healthy environment in which our cells thrive.

We have the ability to be very powerful in the face of disease, preventing it before it manifests and improving the quality of our life despite it.

References:  Christina L. Ross; PhD, BCPP, “Etiology”