What is the Movement?


It has been said that Wellness is the most important “idea” of our time. We believe it is the most important “action” of our time. More than ever, our actions of wellness everyday, have become the most important focus for our hope, our growth and our sustainability. Being well today, is essential, for our Well-Being tomorrow.

When we choose to be well, we extend wellness in everything else we do. Wellness begins to infect our lives and spreads like an infectious disease. Transforming our bodies, our minds and our world for the better.

“Join the movement is a call to “action” to the wellness within you and within your lives. A ceremony of the sacred, an invitation to inspire, a reminder to live on purpose and with great intention. #guidemewell is a way of living mindfully, a discipline of the wholehearted, a by-product of the great natural law of abundance. Living well is a creative art that grounds us and heals us; therefore healing the world around us.

Be moved to join in and Be a light unto the world. Live well…Be well. “

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Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit-The realization that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

Eat Well

The nourishment of our body is essential to wellness. By practicing mindfulness in the choices made in what we put into our bodies holds the capacity to what extent we may feel well. By participating in mindful eating and choosing to fill yourself with that which nourishes you is to be guided well. By intentionally choosing to engage in the things that nourish you, you will not just feel healthy and whole on the outside but all the way into your soul.

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Breathe Well

Life begins with our breath and understanding how the quality of our breath can make us feel. This instills our ability to give ourselves the permission to take back control over our attitudes and our bodies. Breath creates space. Breath is physical ventilation. Breath is our energetic expression of being free. Breathing well entails the ability to flush out what doesn’t serve to create space for what does. Whether you utilize the yoga practice, meditation, pranayama, or simply “sighing it out”-

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Live Well

Living well is a balance of experiencing both drive and self care. Maintaining that continuum generates the quality of how you show up for life. Self care is the catalyst to being the best version of yourself.  Giving yourself a life living well requires deliberate attention to your own needs and creating the support necessary to cultivate balance in each arena of your life. Living well is cherishing the world and participating in the interconnectedness of all things beautiful in your life. Even when things don’t feel so beautiful, living well is the resilience to ground into gratitude appreciating the timing of your life and the curriculum of your path.

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Share Well

Passing it on is everything. Your actions inspire others to take action. The movement is all about living wellness out into your life and by living it you share it.

Whether it is the celebration of friendships or the sweetness of showing up for someone, sharing well is how you pass it on, the things that you are passionate about, and the outlets that leverage your service.

Show how you Share. #guidemewell

“Labora est Ora” (Let your work be your prayer.) -St. Benedict

Messages of Gratitude From Our Students

This was an absolutely amazing Teacher Training Program. It exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone searching for a Teacher Training Program.
Amanda Rush

This program packs a ton of information into the nine months. I believe I received the necessary tools to bring yoga to those in the world.
Megan Walters

This is the most through training. Everything learned was done above any standard I have ever seen in a training.
Gypsy Ryder

Thank you Guiding Wellness. I loved every minute of my training. I cannot wait until the next one!
Jayne Dixon

The amount of knowledge gleaned in this one training is mind blowing. The mindfulness and loving kindness I which it was shared by all the teachers makes this training far superior to any I have received before. An extraordinary learning experience led by extraordinary people. I am so blessed to have them all as my teachers.
Paula Sharpe

I would recommend the Guiding Wellness Institute to anyone looking to earn their 200-RYT certification. Kelsy Timas created a well-rounded program that builds a solid foundation for students to grow from once they earn their 200-RYT certification. The materials the program provides, the experts brought in to help teach, and the topics covered prepared me so fully to be a yoga teacher that I immediately jumped into teaching the DAY AFTER I graduated. I not only learned how to be a yoga instructor in this course, but I did the hard work of learning who I truly am, and allowing that person to shine forth in everything I do. Beyond the curriculum, Kelsy cares deeply about each of her students. In whatever path her students chose to take after training, Kelsy is supportive. She also takes it a step further to help connect the student to resources and/or people who will help that student continue on their path. In all that she does, she wants her students to be successful. I recommend you find a way to be part of the Guiding Wellness Institute’s program, if you’re thinking about earning any level of a yoga training certification.
Alexis Miller

This was an amazing experience. From the studio, the teachers, the curriculum, the atmosphere, & my fellow students I learned so much this year about myself & life. Yoga is so much more than asana practice. I wish everyone could experience what I have this past year.
Kelly Collier

Kelsy has provided me with the tools needed to start my yoga teacher path. She is beyond kind and understanding. She loves all of her students. If I can be half of the teacher she is, I will be happy!
Ashley Schaus

The training at Guiding Wellness surpassed all of my expectations!
Candita Choffy

I feel that the Guiding Wellness RYT training placed a strong emphasis on holistic wellness and equipped me to be an ambassador and practitioner of yoga on and off the mat.
Katy Stevick

Wonderful course! Supportive, nurturing environment. All the instructors really live what they teach and serve as beautiful examples. Would highly recommend Guiding Wellness 🙂
Kahlea Williams

Guiding Wellness Institute provided an excellent yoga teacher training experience. The facility is wonderful and there were so many added benefits to the Guiding Wellness instruction that other yoga schools do not offer. The instructors were top notch in their areas of expertise. I highly recommend and will refer any friends interested in yoga teacher training to Guiding Wellness Institute.
Joy Crowe

I would recommend GWI to anyone who wants a well rounded yoga experience that has a strong focus on care (self care/care for others/VETS/PTSD etc). I am so impressed by the teachers enthusiasm to provide us with an enormous wealth of education. They were passionate and supportive beyond what I’d imagined. I’m honestly so sad my training has completed! I hold GWI to the highest of standards and am so proud to be a part of the Be Well team of yogis.
Amber Kleid

I am planning on continuing my education with Guiding Wellness Institute. The instructors are very knowledgeable in each areas of Yoga. I absolutely loved it!!!
Rose Avila

I’m extremely grateful that I was able to be in this program. It has taught me SO much and Guiding Wellness continues to support me even after the training has ended. The knowledge that I’ve learned from this program and the mentors, I feel extremely confident to be able to support and lead classes for many different populations with a variety of tools.
Alex Wolfe

I am very pleased with my experience at Guiding Wellness. I would highly recommend them to others.
Callie Cook

My RYT 200 program through Guiding Wellness Institute was beyond what I could have imagined for this journey. The dedication, knowledge, and love that goes into the curriculum and program is the very best and felt thru the entire course. I was so honored to be apart of GWI’s program.
April McDunn

Guiding Wellness Institute’s Yoga Teacher Training is an absolutely wholistic program that went far beyond my expectations. Kelsy Timas is the epitome of a teacher, mentor, and friend. I will forever be grateful to her and her vision and am extremely proud to have graduated from this particular program. Namaste, Eva
Eva A. James

Guiding Wellness institute goes above and beyond to provide a safe effective experience for all students. The support, knowledge and standards that Kelsy Timas and all visiting teachers provided throughout the program ensured that each student was set up to succeed as adaptive yoga teachers to special populations.
Tara Patterson

Guiding Wellness Institute provides a safe place to learn about the art and practice of yoga. Kelsy Timas ensures that the teachers who graduate from her program understand the variety of yoga classes, their personal goals and style(s), the clients’ wide range of needs and abilities, and the wide array of opportunities available, not to mention meeting the basic requirements of a yoga teacher training program. This program incorporates pranayama, asana, self-study, journaling, meditation, and so much more. It definitely goes beyond asana practice and delves into why we are drawn to and then crave a yoga practice in the first place.
Shana Thornton

Guiding Wellness Institute encompasses true Yoga. There is a level of professionalism that Kelsy Timas brings to the Yoga profession that is above and beyond. The program and facility that she has created has created its own amazing people who believe and uphold the same values. I know for a fact that I have the best training there is that serves as my foundation to blossom into the best human being and teacher that I can possibly be.
Tiffany Fields Ketchum

Guiding Wellness Institute gave me the tools to find myself during my journey as a Yoga Instructor.

The Guiding Wellness 200-RYT program is incredible. It is thorough and expansive. I learned more about yoga and myself than I ever thought was possible. It is informative and teaches the material in a way that everyone can understand. The program is based in positivity and love. It builds your confidence and trust in yourself and in your ability to share your light with the world in whatever way inspires you. This program should be the standard to which other programs are held.
Billi Jo Morningstar

Guiding Wellness Institute provided a solid foundation and safe, nurturing, inspiring environment throughout my RYT 200 training. I am grateful for the opportunity to obtain this training and gain this life shifting experience in Fayetteville, NC. The location convenience of the training was an added bonus. I continue to recommend GWI teacher training to those ready to broaden their practice.
Lorna Ricotta