Our Mission

A national holistic health and wellness company committed to inspiration, education, and connection for the discovery, recovery and maintenance of living in balance.

Our Vision

A national network of providers working in collaboration to serve our community holistically; returning health and balance to our lives, our land, and our local economy.

Our Culture

A for benefit corporation dedicated to the healthy development of clients, community and connection; we measure our success through the sustainability of our humanitarian footprint. Our impact on the world begins with our mindful presence as a team.
Success remains dependent on the sacred, the simple, and the relevant.
Kelsy Timas

Founder , Guiding Wellness Institute

How We Measure Our Success

Sacred Commerce

Running a business that is more than the bottom line. We believe in making the community better by investing our hearts and souls into the people we serve.

Sustainable Growth

We are dedicated to business practices that are sustainable for our business and our community.

For the Greater Good

We are committed to the greater good of our business and our community. That is why we invest in programs and activities that promote geographical wellness.