Kelsy Timas Board Certified HHP, MBSR, ERYT500, YCEP, iRest® Level 1

Kelsy Timas Board Certified HHP, MBSR, ERYT500, YCEP, iRest® Level 1

CEO/ Founding Director

Kelsy Timas is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Author, Therapist, Educator, and Speaker/Coach assisting the world in discovering and recovering a life in balance. A lifelong yoga practitioner with a professional background in Quality/Risk Management and Emergency Medicine, Kelsy is on a mission to serve humanity in their journey and return to holism through evidence based mind body practices that support effective performance, resilience and recovery in a life well lived.

Recognized as an industry leader and sought after as a subject matter expert, Kelsy invests her time and talents in people, organizations and communities looking for wellness solutions that move us toward a more productive and integrative world. Her 20+ years of clinical experience, evidence based holistic strategies and vision for the future of collaborative health care is the driving force behind the growth and development of her national Health and Wellness company, Guiding Wellness Institute Inc. Kelsy’s drive and success can be attributed to her deep desire and commitment to creating accessible and sustainable solutions that serve performance, resilience and recovery; pillars of support that allow people to create and live their best life. A natural entrepreneur and pioneering spirit that has never been afraid to create solutions needed in order to find “a better way”, and the sincere belief that she is in service of her life’s calling, Kelsy has blazed a trail that will support many generations to discover, recover and maintain their balance in an ever changing world.

Kelsy was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year by Reeves Business school in 2019, the Owner and Director of Guiding Wellness Institute’s Registered Yoga School (RYS) and the Author of LIVE WELL Magazine and BE WELL Podcast.

Devoted to her role as a military spouse and her military family, Kelsy serves, directs and advises many non-profit organizations serving those who serve and their families that sacrifice so much. When she is not teaching or at work running her national operation, Kelsy spends time with her six dogs, her family and close friends, living the message of “Be well” she shares with the world. She is a connoisseur of coffee and French wine, loves cooking from her home potager and taking time for regular sunshine in nature and the outdoors, her favorite people call her “Naynay”. Kelsy also enjoys reading, writing, pottery and house projects along with her deepest passions of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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