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We look forward to this journey with you.

I’d like to welcome you all to Live Well magazine. This magazine will serve as an extension of my work offered at the Institute, with articles, programs and recipes I’ve developed over my purpose filled 25 years of working with Whole Health and Wellness. All of the content found here has been developed exclusively for the purpose of enhancing your life and connection to “being well”.

For many years I have been producing content on these subjects for course work and books but I find it important to share and enjoy on a platform more accessible for our busy daily lives. My hope is that through regular connection to the process of curiosity and exploration we will discover a life we create and enjoy, that guides us closely to the secret of being the best version of ourselves. May each day be a gift and may we all discover ways to live and be well.

Learning to live a life in balance together.

With Love,

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Issues release along with the seasons! Each issue includes mindfulness articles, Holistic Health support and seasonal recipes along with support and motivation for a life well lived.

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