Yoga Class Schedule, Private Yoga Therapy and Meditation

The Guiding Wellness Institute offers a range of virtual, in person private, small group classes and off-site large group classes and programs; to support establishing, growing or maintaining a healthy movement and strength practice. Cultivating injury prevention, performance enhancement and overall wellness maintenance at home and in our studio! Create balance; one class, one action, one breath at a time. Welcome to the journey, we look forward to living well with you!

Private Yoga Therapy & Meditation


Private One-on-One Yoga & Meditation Pricing  |  60 minute private session – $90  |  90 minute private session – $140

Private Yoga & Meditation Package  | 5 – 60 minute private sessions – $480  |  Free Gift Included

Single Small Group Session  | 75 minute small group session – $20 | 10 Class Pass – $180

Small Group Yoga Class Schedule

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