What is Meditation?

Mediation is really a non-doing. It is the only human endeavor I know of that does not involve trying to get somewhere else but, rather, emphasizes being where you already are –John Kabat-Zinn

Much of our time is spent judging, directing, fixing, or doing something- even if we aren’t physically doing these things the mind fixates on productivity or being occupied by external stimuli. Meditation is an opportunity to tune into yourself and experience you.

We hardly attend to the awareness of our own mind and how much that drives us. And for many people, the thought of being alone with their mind may be terrifying. Because we have been so conditioned to feel this way by living in such a plugged in culture, that just being with the fruitfulness of our own mind may take time to get comfortable with.

However, when we slow down to smell the bouquet of flowers sitting on the counter, to feel the warmth on our fingertips from the cup of hot tea, and taste the kiss from your beloved…there exists fulfillment. When we fill ourselves up from the inside, serving becomes easier and we become better. This is the essence of mindfulness. Meditation provokes us to touch base with what lies beneath the story, beneath the circumstances, beneath or tribulations.

Getting back to balance is not as difficult and overwhelming as we might think. We only have to focus on the present.

What can we do right now that is good for us? The simple addition of a whole food or a 15 minute walk before returning to the computer can be the boost we need toward better health today. Or by cutting something out that is blocking us like sugar or a negative thought.

We just need to focus on one thing- this moment- to find our path to wellness.

Contributing Content by Melissa Aguirre