Become a Guiding Wellness Ambassador

A Collective of Individuals who Understand Wellness into its Deepest Capacity

Guiding Wellness Ambassadors are a collective of individuals who understand wellness into its deepest capacity; understanding the message, living the mission, seeing the vision, and aligning with the seven pillars of wellness. These individuals see their work as a ministry to inspire their communities with the intention of living well and living on purpose while giving a wholehearted effort to share the abundance of the holistic, creative art that grounds and heals world in which we live.

These individuals study it, practice, and teach it. Their lives are an expression of wellness in every way both within their own self care and how they share the message with the world. These individuals are practitioners in holistic healing modalities and play an active role in infecting their environment with the inspiration to live in wellness.

We are excited to collaborate and connect with holistic minded practitioners who desire to be supported by a tribe of heart centered change makers all on this journey together to heal the world.

“Some methods of driving out disease have left an enormous wake of stress, disability, suffering and pain. Holistic Health has a very important role to play in prevention and intervention. There has never been a better time for the entire medical, health and wellness community to come together and effectively serve our human family with presence, proficiency and positive impact. It is simply something we must do.” –Kelsy Timas

Are you passionate about your work and looking to grow and expand into new directions? We are looking for qualified and motivated professionals who are interested in diving deeper into their Wellness Journey and become certified to teach the “Be Well Way” in a supportive and collaborative network environment. Our culture of collaboration creates a unique partnership that is highly rewarding and genuinely sustainable.

Ambassador Program