Are you new to gardening and unsure where to start? Whether you’re entertaining the idea of beginning to grow your own food, or you just want to enjoy the beauty of a flourishing flower garden, the practice of building your own garden can be incredibly therapeutic, and daily mindfulness practice. We recently hosted a private group of military spouses for special event on nature-based therapeutic experiences, including gardening. Mindful Gardening is an easy and sustainable way to integrate more nature-based therapy into our daily lives.

In this blog post, we’ll cover different types of gardens, and how to choose a form of garden that works well for your current lifestyle.

  • Types of Gardens
  • Seed Sprouting is a form of garden using small pots or styrofoam cups that drain to sprout non-GMO seeds in a window.
  • Pots (Indoor and Outdoor)
    • Transplanting sprouts or started plants into pots with room for the plant to mature.
    • Selecting seasonal or annual flowers and vegetables to decorate the sunroom, patio or porch Both require mindful attention to the sun and water needs of the plants.
  • Planter Boxes or Raised Beds can be either built from scratch or you can buy them premade.
    • When working with raised beds, first select areas that have appropriate sun and water for the selected plants or garden intentions.
  • Potagers or Small Farm-A-Yard concepts
    • Turn flower beds around the house or mailbox into intentional gardens.
    • Add a birdbath or pavers to create a small sitting area in the garden space.
    • Remove grass and turn the yard into a small garden and oasis.
  • Non-Edible Garden
    • Flowers and Shrubs
  • Edible Garden
    • Herbs, vegetables, fruits

When starting your own garden, consider these different types of gardens, what will work best for you, in your current space and lifestyle, and your intention for the garden. Perhaps the intention is to have home-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for yourself and your family, or maybe it’s more for the aesthetic of having a beautiful flower garden, and simply creating your own oasis in nature. 

No matter what type of garden you choose, you will inevitably benefit from the experience of cultivating a garden; it is a beautiful opportunity to practice mindfulness and spend more time connecting with nature. 

At Guiding Wellness Institute, we offer a number of workshops and special events for our community, in addition to events for private groups, including for non-profits, small businesses, and corporations alike. 

This month we enjoyed leading a special private event for military spouses, including a garden tour of our 2.5 acre campus, a course on mindful-based therapeutic experiences, and led the group in a workshop creating a potager garden project!

Have you visited our campus yet? Come spend some time in our meditation gardens on your next visit to Guiding Wellness Institute. 🙂

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