Rolfing Structural Integration

Bodywork that reorganizes your whole connective system from head to toe.


Alleviate Pain

That nagging pain or discomfort you’re trying to get rid of is most likely caused by imbalances throughout your entire structure, not just the symptom that hurts.

Move Better

Rolfing allows the body to realign to center so your movement become more efficient.

Feel Younger

A realigned body will have more energy! This also gives us freedom to DO more. Aged clients usually feel much younger.

Optimal Wellness Member Pricing  |  75 minute Rolfing SI session – $120  |  60 minute Rolf Movement session – $100

Pricing  |  75 minute Rolfing SI session – $140  |  60 minute Rolf Movement – $110


Hands on bodywork and movement reeducation is custom to each individual:

  • Immediate freedom from pain
  • Low, mid and upper low back pain relieved
  • Arm, hand and cervical pain relief
  • Different headache types addressed
  • Improved range of motion in shoulders, hips, knees and ankle/feet
  • A balanced, mobile body left to right
  • Drug free therapy

Every compensation pattern can benefit from Rolfing

Rolfing Is Not Compared To

Massage Therapy

Rolfing addresses pain and structural issues, not just symptoms. Long term relief from pain is expected. Symptoms disappear as the process builds on consecutive sessions.


Rolfing relieves pain and discomfort caused by bones being pulled out of place by soft tissue tension. It does not overstimulate the nervous system and there is no endless treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

Structure does not work without function and vice versa. How we orient to move is not addressed through exercise alone. Rolfing updates our body maps and we have a clearer perception and experience of sensation.

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