The Seven Pillars of Wellness

The foundation of a conscience life. 

The Sacred

Apart from you, nothing is Sacred. Divine presence appears through the light within you. Your path is made clear when you practice silence, seek your truth, align with love and allow it to guide you well. Join the movement

The Inspired

Inspiration is a gift. Like a whisper, it will pass you by unless you take hold of it and allow it to move you in the direction it is leading you. Be of strength and courage to follow your path and leave a trail that uplifts, encourages and inspires others. Be Brave. Be Inspired. Be well.

The Intentional

We are always serving an intention; Intentionally or unintentionally. Set your mind on the things which are highest, best and whole and remain present in the moment as you move through your day. All grace, wisdom and inspiration come to the present, the clear, the available. Live with intention and show up well.

The Wholehearted

Mark Nepo says, “Whatever opens us is never as important as what it opens.” The purpose of all heartbreak and suffering is to breakthrough resistance, open up the capacity of our hearts and our wholeness, and release the treasures within. Love well, give well.

The Abundant

The most important thing in life is not simply to survive, but to thrive! The life energy within you and around you is abundant and all you must do is feed and receive. Feed the world around you and receive life within you Abundantly! Live with abundance and you shall Be Well.

The Creative

Connect with the incredible source of creativity within and watch the world around you transform. The purpose of this thing called life is to discover your gifts and then find ways to give them away! Create the life you want to live and feel well.

The Grounded

Come back to yourself and be still. The height of your dreams is dependent upon the depth of your peacefulness. Grow centered and calm and you shall become roots for others. Be grounded in wellness and grow into your fullness.