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All of our providers are nationally certified and licensed massage & bodywork therapists.

Coral Esparza, LMBT

Coral Esparza, LMBT

Massage Therapist


Since a young age, the health care field has always been Coral’s calling. She started off as a Veterinary Assistant, then went back to school to become a Dental Assistant. Although she enjoyed the knowledge, compassion and understanding she gained in both fields, she felt it was not where she was meant to be. In 2013, Coral was involved in a car accident that caused significant neck injury. She decided to pursue a chiropractor for treatment and it was during this treatment that she met a massage therapist that helped her reduce the pain and tension from her injury.

Amazed at the results, Coral decided to go back to school to became a massage therapist. Her new goal was to make an overall impact on people who, like her, had suffered some form of trauma. She started working for a spa, which she enjoyed, but soon found that deep tissue massage was a more effective form of treatment rather than a relaxing massage, which just reduced stress. She found a chiropractic office that was hiring and thus began her to wellness.

Deep tissue and myotherapy is crucial in order to break down scar tissues adhesion to the surrounding injured area. A holistic approach to treatment with this type of therapy produces amazing, life changing results. Coral has always been able to gain a deeper understanding of massage in general but continues to look for new way to improve her techniques to provide the highest level of care for each person. She feels beyond blessed to have the opportunity to work for yet another team whose goal is to make a difference for every person that walks in the door. She looks forward to meeting each one of you to help you live your best life!

Optimal Wellness Member Pricing  |  30 minute therapeutic massage – $40  |  60 minute therapeutic massage – $60  |  90 minute therapeutic massage – $90

Non-Member Pricing  |  30 minute therapeutic massage – $55  |  60 minute therapeutic massage – $90  |  90 minute therapeutic massage – $140

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