By now you’ve likely heard of the many benefits that are part of cultivating a regular yoga practice, from increased resiliency to decreasing stress, improving flexibility, mobility, and range of motion; In 2022 it’s hard to come up with reasons NOT to try yoga! However, not every studio has specific classes geared toward Yoga for Beginners. We understand trying something new can always be a bit uncomfortable; but we’re here to encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and assure you that at Guiding Wellness Institute, you have a safe space to explore your personal yoga practice, and reach your individual wellness goals.


We’re thrilled to announce two new classes on Mondays including Movement and Motivation with G.G. at 9:30am and Yoga for Beginners at 11:00am with Amanda.


Both G.G. and Amanda are graduates of our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Guiding Wellness Institute!
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Whether you’re brand new and just starting your yoga journey, or you’re looking to re-commit to a regular practice, we’re here to support your yoga journey. June is the perfect time to get started or come back to your practice. You’re invited to join our June Yoga Challenge today! Join for 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30 and share your journey with us on social media!
Our teachers are experts in adaptable, trauma-informed yoga that is accessible for EVERY-body.


We’re excited to kick off these new classes starting next Monday, June 6!
Join G.G. for Movement & Motivation at 9:30am and Amanda for Yoga for Beginners at 11:00am.
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